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 I think that in my first post about Tel-Aviv I referred to it as the city of eternal summer, and this might be a good time to explain why. While in most of the northern side of the planet the transition from summer to autumn is very much a fact by now, the weather in Tel-Aviv has barely changed at all. The mornings and evenings are slightly chiller, but during the day it is still in the high 80s (30ish Celsius degrees), and it has rained twice since last May. This means that people here still go to the beach, wear short sleeves and still enjoy sitting outdoors. And though it’s still a little hard to feel that autumn is here, there’s nothing nicer than sipping a glass of wine in the evening breeze. So here are a few place where you can enjoy doing that.

Port Said
This super popular place is actually owned by Chef Eyal Shani, a local legend and a reality TV star. Located on the bustling Allenby street, just across the street from “The Great Synagogue”, this place has quite a lot of tables and benches spread outside, and as it is always busy, you will also see people sitting on the sidewalks, drinking wine. This place has a never ending line of people waiting to get seated, and you will have to be a little pushy in order to get on the host’s list. The odds are you will have to wait for about an hour to get a table, but you can enjoy the cool ambiance of this place, get a drink and take a walk in the alleys behind the synagogue. Once you make it to your table, you should try the cauliflower, which is Eyal Shani’s signature dish. Port Said is not just a restaurant/bar, it is a whole experience, it is slightly elitist and snobby, but it’s also where all the cool kids go 😉 Open daily from noon till 2-3AM.


[Via @Port Said]

The Prince

This lovely rooftop in Nachalat Binyamin is one of my favorite places in the city. It’s a little hard to find, as its door is hidden in between clothes and cloths stores (which will probably be closed by the time you get there). Once you enter the building you will see a staircase with eclectic tiles, a sense of urban decay and graffiti on the walls. The indoor seats keep the same theme, which has a vintage flare to it. If you get to sit outside, there’s a view of the street and the neighboring buildings, which vary from renovated (or actually reconstructed) bauhouses to buildings that are falling a part (which are not without their charm, if you ask me). This place offers some nice cocktails, which you should try, and good food (I love their Soba noodles salad). Here you can enjoy a chill atmosphere, light bulb strings, and a young hip crowd.


[Via @The Prince]


This lovely inner garden is another hidden gem on Nachalat Binyamin. Once you have entered, you will walk through their kitchen, climb a few stairs till you will finally find yourself in a spacious garden, and for a minute you’ll forget that you are in the city center. The garden is decorate with light bulb strings and flags, it is colorful and has a laid back rural vibe to it, with wooden tables and chairs. In the culinary department Bicicletta offers a variety of cocktails (which can be ordered from a pitcher, to serve more than one person) and quite a few delicious plates, which are mostly a Middle Eastern fusion (with quite a few vegan options). I would recommend their Focaccia Bread with artichoke and greens, and their Lubia Bean Masabacha. This place opens daily at 6PM and is open till 2AM, and on Fridays and Saturdays it is open from 12PM. Make sure to reserve a table, as it might be pretty busy.


Casino San Remo

Located in the chic Noga neighborhood in Jaffa, this restaurant/bar is one of the nicest places for a weekend’s brunch, an afternoon cocktail or a glass of wine in the evening. Casino San Remo has quite a few tables out front, as well as in doors. The outdoor seating has a romantic atmosphere to it, as it is located in an enchanting building, surrounded by other buildings with arched doors and cute balconies. Inside you will find eclectic art and a modern colorful design, a bar with geometric light bulbs hanging above it and cool murals. Food is tasty, not too sophisticated, and it has a few vegan options as well. This place is open daily from 8AM, and during the day functions as a cafe. After you finish dining in Casino San Remo, you should probably cross the street and go see the coast line. Jaffa’s port is about 10 minutes by foot, and this is a lovely area for a stroll both during the day and in the evening.



Shaffa bar is another restaurant/bar located in Jaffa, though this time in the flea market. This is one of the most popular places in the flea market, which is a popular place anyway. Shaffa is a hipster haven with exposed industrial walls, eclectic vintage furniture and dish wear and some hanging plants. Besides the nice indoor decor, you can sit outside, at the heart of a small, yet lively alley. The atmosphere is hip, and the food is real good (very vegan friendly too). You can order a cocktail or wine, but if you feel like having a light sweet alcoholic beverage, try their pear cider. During the evenings this place is always packed and you will probably have to wait in order to get a table, but you can always walk through the market while waiting, and I think it’s worth it 😉 Open daily from 9AM.




~ Lir

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