Coffee and Books

I’ve told you before about my passion for books, and that I find the combinations of coffee shops and book stores is kinda perfect, so after introducing you to the New York option, lets talk about what Tel-Aviv has to offer. The Little Prince The Little Prince (or Hanasich Hakatan, in Hebrew) is located on … More Coffee and Books

Cozy and cool

A couple of days ago I celebrated my 31st birthday, and decided to go to a place called Joz ve Loz.  This super cozy restaurant is located on the border of Tel-Aviv and Jaffa, it has a homey atmosphere and a very homey eclectic vintage boho decor. This place recently started running with a new pretty … More Cozy and cool

Wine & Dine

 I think that in my first post about Tel-Aviv I referred to it as the city of eternal summer, and this might be a good time to explain why. While in most of the northern side of the planet the transition from summer to autumn is very much a fact by now, the weather in … More Wine & Dine