After telling you about some kiosk cafes, chic places, trendy places, vegan ones and more, I think it’s about time to share the places with the homiest most neighborly vibes, places where you feel comfortable even if you are not a regular customer, and even if you just dropped by wearing your PJs…

Caffe Henrietta

Henrietta is a place you will be pleasantly surprised to find  – located close to the central train station in Tel-Aviv, in a residential area, you will have to look twice to notice that this is actually a cafe, and a cute one too! The place offers a lot of seating options both inside and outside. The indoors space is separated by a (red) bar, and it is much bigger than it seems at first. To the right you will notice that there are more tables, bar seats and an interesting looking chandelier.  Overall the decor is cute and too sophisticated. The food is good, and there are a lot of options on the menu, from breakfast to some main courses, and a lot of vegan friendly plates too (I love their Curry dish and the vegan Signia). Their coffee is slightly strong, but still tasty and they also have a lot of tasty sweet options (with their carrot cake being my favorite). It is laptop friendly, and you also kids friendly (you will get a kids menu and some crayons ;)). Note that Saturdays are really busy, especially during brunch-lunch time and you might have to wait for a table. Open daily from 7am till 11pm.


[via @noabakafe.files.wordpress.com]

Tozeret Ha’aretz

Tozeret Ha’aretz, or “made in Israel” (which is what the name of this cafe translates to) is a super cute and cozy cafe (decorated in a warm shade palette) on King George street, not far from both Kikar Rabin (and the city hall) and Dizengoff Center. With its laid back atmosphere and friendly staff, you might feel like you’ve stepped into someone’s porch, and are casually being served coffee. Most seating options are outside, as the indoor space is pretty tiny, and is mostly the bar. This place serves some amazing desserts – their cheese cake is rather famous. They also have some cool beverages, with my favorite – a chai latte frappuccino (you can ask for a soy milk option as well). This place is great for snacks and light meals, however they don’t serve a lot of “real” food, like most Israeli cafes, so you should take that into consideration. Go visit them anytime between 7:30am – 11pm (except for Fridays, when they close at 7pm).


This place is a true Tel-Avivian establishment, which first opened its doors in 1955! For years it was an European inspired espresso bar, and though the Mersand basically kept its original decor, it has somewhat changed over the years. Nowadays you’ll be able to find some of the best cakes in town, as well as breakfast, salads and other snacks, and some vegan friendly options too. A relatively new addition to the place is an ice cream shop next door, the “Bacio”. Their ice cream is also served at the Mersand. This place offers both indoor and outdoor seating, with a super neighborly atmosphere. I would recommend sitting out front, to better absorb the city’s vibes. You will probably be able to tell it’s a hipster haven, and you can also find many local artist and celebrities spending time there. If you feel like time traveling a few decades back, this is definitely the place for you. Opening hours from Sunday to Thursday 7:30am-11pm, closes on Fridays at 8pm and opens on Saturdays at 9am.


[via @timeout.com]

Relax and enjoy your weekend!


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