Tel A Vegan

Tel-Aviv is known as one of the most vegan friendly cities in the world, and it definitely is! There are numerous places in the city serving all vegan food, not to mention that pretty much every cafe and restaurant have at least a couple of vegan dishes. Since there are so many options, I decided to introduce you only to my absolute favorite places.


This vegan cafe is one of the nicest places in Tel-Aviv, and has become a well known establishment. It serves everything from breakfast, smoothie bowls, some light snacks to gourmet food, and desserts that are so good you won’t believe they are actually vegan. In Israel, unlike many other countries, we don’t really eat products that try to mimic meat, of course vegan places serve substitutions like tofu, seitan etc, but they usually don’t try to make anything resemble the original dishes. Most main courses are based on vegetables and legumes, and are pretty unique. One of the plates in Anastasia that does try to imitate the “real” product, is the cheese platter, with the amazing selection of dairy free cheeses. In the smoothie bowls’ department I would recommend the “Blue Goddess” (with coconut milk and blue spirulina). And if you are craving something sweet, try their tiramisu! Besides the good food Anastasia has a modern clean decoration, and a large wooden terrace, with either tables or cozy nooks which are perfect for a relaxing meal during the day. It is located in the city center, on Frishman st. close to the bustling Dizengoff, and pretty close to the beach. Staff is cool and friendly. It’s a good hangout place for either a group of people or for a work session (it is laptop friendly too). It is quite packed at times, so you might have to wait for a table (or order one).



Bana is the new and trendy vegan place in town, and it is spot on! With a fun colorful yet bright decor, a beautiful garden with string light bulbs and a view of Rothschild boulevard, Bana is the place to be. Their dishes are pretty sophisticated and surprising, with rich flavors. Everything I’ve tasted was good, but my favorite dish is probably their sweet potato with black lentils. You can also try their yummy (and healthy) smoothie bowl, and you definitely won’t want to miss out on dessert. This place is great if you are looking for a slightly fancier vegan restaurant. On top of its aesthetics and the delicious food, the service is friendly and helpful as well, which contributes to the whole atmosphere. Note that this place isn’t open for breakfast (it opens daily at 12:00pm, except for Sundays, when they open at 6pm), and might be best for dinner.



Meshek Barzilay

In the charming Neve Tzedek lies another vegan gem. This restaurant started out as a vegetarian organic cafe, which was farm to table based, and was located outside of Tel-Aviv, in a more rural area. In 2013 the owners decided to leave and found a new home in Tel-Aviv. The place slowly by slowly turned into a vegan haven with an impressive menu, that changes somewhat seasonally, and serves amazing food. Many dishes are either Asian (mostly Indian) or Italian themed, and you can also find a large section of breakfasts and of delicious desserts. Meshek Barzilay has a great ambiance as it absorbs the elegant yet laid back (I should say “Provence like”) vibe of the neighborhood. The indoor decor is homey and welcoming, however, I would recommend sitting in their back yard, and enjoying a meal surrounded by their lovely plants. Open daily from 8am-11pm.

Till next time!




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