Bali vibes

I’m spending the last weeks of summer in Tel-Aviv. Pretty soon I’ll be moving to a country with colder climate, and I thought that I would honor this city with almost-year-round summer vibes by giving you tips to the most Bali like, beach vibes, places. It seems as though the healthy, smoothie bowls trend has finally arrived in Tel-Aviv (fashionably late), and a few great places were recently opened. Before I start telling you all about the best places to visit if you are craving some superfoods, I’ll just let you in on a fun fact – the word “Bali” (or actually the two word phrase “Ba Li”) means in Hebrew “I want”, or “I feel like it”. And this is definitely how I feel about these places 😉


This health store is located in the outskirts of Neve Tzedek, by far the prettiest neighborhood in Tel-Aviv. Neroli is a sort of a whole foods boutique shop, which also offers a large space (mostly outseide seating) where one can sit and enjoy a salad, a sweet or savory bowl or a smoothie. Neroli is all organic and mostly vegan, and has wonderful freshly squeezed juice as well, and a mean acai shake, which is my personal favorite. The entire place has a rural all wood decor, and is surrounded by plants that make you feel like you have just landed in Tuscany. After you’ve finished sitting there you should probably take a little stroll in the neighborhood :). Open daily from 8:30am-8pm, except for Friday, when it closes at 4pm (it’s closed on Saturday).


Citizen Garden

This super chic trendy place is an LA style health food place. The decor is all pastels, hanging plants, plant prints and macrame on the walls. It also has a beautiful, big garden at the back, hence its name. This place offers both savory and sweet bowls, and all the healthy lattes one can desire. Citizen garden is located somewhere between Rothschild boulevard and the bustling Allenby street. It is home to many Israeli celebrities, and is usually pretty packed, so you might need to wait a little while till you can get a table. Go check it out anytime from Sunday to Thursday from 10am-6pm.



Urban Shaman

Located on the central Dizengoff street, this beautiful health food shop is actually so much more – their “Teepee” is a center for meditating, practicing yoga, and other body & mind relaxing activities. Urban Shaman has opened its doors just a couple of months ago, and is the newest place out of all the places on this list. However, these guys know what they are doing! You can find superbowls and smoothies as well as some other food options, all plant based, organic food. Their juice is 100% cold pressed, and they also offer a full detox plan. And not to mention the decor, which exudes an holistic vibe, very clean boho style, all wooden (the place is plastic free too), and of course quite green too. So go Om between 8am-9pm from Sunday till Thursday, or on Friday from 8:30am-4pm.




Another place that has just opened its doors recently is Hamanya. This cafe belongs to the owners of the Bucke, which I recommended a few weeks back. Hamanya is a fun colorful, place in the Old North of Tel-Aviv. This is the ultimate location to take in some Bali vibes, offering good food, amazing bowls and smoothies, lattes, and a variety of desserts (obviously very vegan friendly). The main sitting area is outdoors, with some indoors options (mainly on a couch or at the bar). My favorite dish there is the vegan platter with its highlight in the form of blue tahini (with blue spirulina). You won’t regret trying it, trust me! This vibrant chill cafe is open from 7am-10:30pm from Sunday to Thrusday, and is open till 3:30pm on Friday (it’s closed on Saturday).


[Via @ Cafe Hamanya]

Enjoy those summer vibes!



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