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Though generally speaking, Tel-Aviv is a pretty informal city, we do have some cafes that are a little more high end than others. By high end I mean places that have a more crisp-modern atmosphere to them, as opposed to the usually slightly hipster laid back vibes most places here have. Although as I mention in my post about getting along in Tel-Aviv, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear your flip-flops 😉


Nola, which is located on the bustling Dizengoff street, calls itself an  “American Bakery”, and it does so for a very good reason. Their choice of sweets is endless, and American themed. You can find there huge and chunky cookies, brownies and blondies, muffins, cupcakes, pies, donuts and a lot more. With a lovely Shabby Chic decor, chess-like tiles and a nice garden at the back (some more sitting option in the front), this is one of the sweetest (literally) places in Tel-Aviv. Nola also offers food, and especially some good breakfast options (they have a great bagel!). Note that this place is quite trendy, and at times it might be a little hard to get a table. Open from 7:30am to 7:00pm on week days, Friday only till 4pm, and on Saturday it is open from 9:00am-9:00pm.


Eats Cafeteria

Eats is a relatively new place in Tel-Aviv (it opened its doors about a year ago), and is actually part of a health and well being center (called Beit Hanna), with studio classes (Pilates, yoga etc), lectures, activities for kids and more. Inspired by NYC’s cafes, this is an over the counter order place. The decor is clean and modern, all light colors with some hanging plants. You can choose from a variety of food options, with a healthy orientations (such as quinoa, brown rice, etc), and then you have many options of  yummy pastries, and super chunky cookies. The place is vegan friendly when it comes to both food and sweets. As the inside space is slightly small and does not have a lot of tables, you might prefer sitting outside, under the parasols, sip a cup of coffee and grab a bite. This place is laptop friendly, and also kids and pets friendly. It is also located on Ben-Gurion Boulevard, not too far from the beach, if you feel like visiting  there afterwards.

eats[Photo by: Michal Epstein


Located across the street from the beautiful Habima Square, Lachmanina is basically a Bakery turned into a trendy cafe. Lachmanina has a second location in Montifiore neighborhood, but due to it’s less attractive location (pretty far from the city center), it is not as popular. Lachmanina is the perfect place for a social hangout or for a quiet work session. The interior is a pastel colored modern, chic space. They offer a lot of baked goods, both sweet and savory, and also some light bites. The place is at times slightly crowded, but has quite a few outdoor tables, and hopefully you won’t have to wait for too long. You can also take home a loaf of bread or some cookies when you are done. And of course don’t forget to take a stroll on Rothschild boulevard, which is just around the corner. Note that they are closed on Saturday.

Cafe Saga

Unlike all of my previous recommendations, this place isn’t exactly in Tel-Aviv, it’s in Jaffa, at the Flea Market, to be exact. “Saga” is actually a design shop, that opened a cafe next door, and it is just as cool and as colorful as the shop, with lots of art pieces on the walls, and lots of plants hanging as well. This cafe is a pretty large space both inside and outside, it has a modern industrial, young vibrant atmosphere to it. You can grab a bite or have something sweet with your cup of coffee. And if you are an almond milk fan, like I am, they make the best frappuccinos! After you sit there, you should probably go see what the flea market has to offer. Just don’t go there on Saturday, as both the market and the cafe are closed.






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