Tel A Vegan

Tel-Aviv is known as one of the most vegan friendly cities in the world, and it definitely is! There are numerous places in the city serving all vegan food, not to mention that pretty much every cafe and restaurant have at least a couple of vegan dishes. Since there are so many options, I decided … More Tel A Vegan

Bali vibes

I’m spending the last weeks of summer in Tel-Aviv. Pretty soon I’ll be moving to a country with colder climate, and I thought that I would honor this city with almost-year-round summer vibes by giving you tips to the most Bali like, beach vibes, places. It seems as though the healthy, smoothie bowls trend has … More Bali vibes

TLV chic

Though generally speaking, Tel-Aviv is a pretty informal city, we do have some cafes that are a little more high end than others. By high end I mean places that have a more crisp-modern atmosphere to them, as opposed to the usually slightly hipster laid back vibes most places here have. Although as I mention … More TLV chic