Canal jumping

So in the past week I spontaneously hopped on a plane to Amsterdam, where I stayed for a few days. Of course I the number of cafes I’ve visited was greater than the number of days I was there, and now that I’m back in Tel-Aviv I can share the places I liked with you guys 😉

Before I dive into describing the various cafes I’ve visited, I would like to make a quick note on the coffee scene in Amsterdam. It seems as though many places in Amsterdam serve only coffee and a few pastries, so note that many times food options are limited. I have to admit that I visited some of these places during lunch time, and was trying to get a proper meal, and ended up feeling a little disappointed. That been said, I will make sure to mention where you can actually eat, and where is a good place to just grab a cup of coffee. Also, keep in mind that in many places in Amsterdam you can only pay by credit/debit card, as they do not accept cash.

White Label Coffee

Here’s a disclaimer – I didn’t just randomly choose to visit Amsterdam, I went with a friend to a dance festival – one which she attended a couple of years back. And of course we just had to have breakfast and some coffee before our morning classes. The studio is located in Amsterdam West, and this cafe wasn’t too far. Though this place was on none of the lists of the recommended cafes in the cities I’ve seen, my friend found this place last time she was in Amsterdam and took me there, and I thought it was just lovely!

White Label has a homey hipster vibe to it. Its look is industrial meets minimalist (or actually Nordic) eclectic vintage. It is divided into different levels, but it’s an open space. It has communal tables and also some cozy nooks. They also have a single table on an upper floor, where you can sit among the plants. In the back lower level you will find their roasting machine, and sometimes, in the morning, you can see someone grinding the coffee.

Their coffee is good (non dairy milk options are soy and oat milk), and with it you can have a piece of cake, pie, a croissant, or muesli with yogurt (so yeah, no real food). The service is super friendly. You should order at the bar, and they will bring out your order to the table. Open daily from 8am-6pm (and on Weekends from 9am), very quite, neighborly and laptop friendly. This place is definitely worth a visit!

White Label

Back to Black

With a view of the canal and a modern rustic (with a turquoise wall and light bulbs) decor, this place is just too adorable. Back to black is an intimate, relatively small space cafe, with a homey atmosphere. There are a few couches, a communal table, a few seats at the bar and by the window (on a bar as well), where you get a view of the canal. This place is great for coffee and a little something sweet on the side, as they have a pretty impressive selection of pastries (all home baked). You can also get a savory snacks if you would like. Anyway, I would recommend their carrot cake, though other options are good too. You will need to order over the counter and then will get your coffee served. The food arrives on the most adorable vintage plates. Back to Black is a quite place, laptop and work friendly. Note that sometimes it might be slightly full and hard to find a place to sit. Open from 8am-6pm on week days, and from 9am on weekends.

back to black

Lot Sixty One

Located in Amsterdam West, with a canal view as well, this is the place to visit for some good coffee and good laid back vibes. The inside space has a modern rustic chic to it. It has some bar seats and a communal table at the lower level, and it also offers a few benches outside (which I would recommend if the weather allows). Like White Label Coffee, these guys are a roastery as well as a cafe, and you can see how their coffee is made at the back of the store. Here too, you won’t be able to get a meal, but they do have a nice variety of home baked sweets to choose from. The place is laptop friendly, and the service is very friendly as well. Note that they only accept credit/debit card.

Lot 61


Toki is a lovely modern space, with a chic clean decor and just a dash of color. Here you can get your coffee daily – either a warm or a cold brew, a selection of a few interesting soft beverages and some tasty sweets (their banana bread with cream on top is absolutely yummy). Here you can also find almond milk, if you are a fan – a non-trivial option in Amsterdam, as it turns out. The place has extremely chill vibes, is laptop friendly, and seems like a place where all of Amsterdam’s philosophy students should come to write their dissertations. I would recommend finding a spot and hanging out for a few relaxed hours. The place is open from 7:30am till 6pm, except for weekends, when it opens at 9:00am. Note that they do not accept cash.


CT Coffee & Coconuts

This spacious place in De Pijp area is a decor (and instagram) lovers heaven. It is also a multi-functional hang out place, as it turns from a cafe during the day to a restaurant and bar during the evening. Coffee & Coconuts is a big two story hall, with a large bar right in front of the entrance. In the street level floor you will also find some smaller tables, sofas, a communal table, and seats at the bar. You will find even more tables on the upper level. The entire place, though huge, still has a cozy atmosphere to it – with brick walls, wooden furniture and hanging plants. Their all day menu offers pretty much everything, from eggs to a salad to a pancake and then some. They serve freshly squeezed juice and also cocktails. And as the name indicates, you can sip your drinks straight out of a coconut. Of course you can also just hop in for a coffee and something sweet to go with it (their cookies are absolutely delicious). After 5:30pm the menu changes and becomes some sort of fusion, and the atmosphere changes too, becoming slightly more high end (you might consider reserving a table). They have some vegan and vegetarian friendly options, though the food is all pretty sophisticated. Open daily (weekends included) from 8am to 11pm.


Pluk + Ree 7

Pluk is a super sweet cafe + store in the city center. It is basically a kingdom of color and sugar, as it offers numerous cool desserts (unicorn cupcakes and donuts, as well as rainbow milkshakes). It is also vegan friendly, and serves an amazing dark chocolate avocado (vegan) pie. This place also displays quite a few beautiful paper and interior design products you can purchase. In addition, they serve some real food, though I must admit that I had their poached egg and found it quite acidic. Pluk is a very trendy place, which means that at times it’s quite packed and you won’t be able to get a table (though it’s a pretty big space). You can obviously wait in line, but there is also another option, which is to visit their affiliated cafe instead – Ree 7. It is located on the same street, literally 50 feet from Pluk. Ree 7 is designed pretty similarly to Pluk, with a street level floor as well as a gallery. They are a few tables out front as well. you can get your milkshakes and most food options, but the selection of sweets is not as rich. However, they do serve a great red velvet pancake, and some great pies and cakes. The place itself is super sweet too, and has a more friendly laid back vibe to it (perhaps because it is less popular).



Have a chill Weekend!


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