Canal jumping

So in the past week I spontaneously hopped on a plane to Amsterdam, where I stayed for a few days. Of course I the number of cafes I’ve visited was greater than the number of days I was there, and now that I’m back in Tel-Aviv I can share the places I liked with you … More Canal jumping

Up and coming

The south of Tel-Aviv used to be a pretty bad area. Personal safety in most of Israel and definitely in Tel-Aviv is of the best in the world, but some neighborhoods, though not dangerous per se, were just pretty uncomfortable to walk around. However, in the recent years, as Tel-Aviv is getting more and more … More Up and coming

Tel-Aviv’s Gems

So after giving you the heads up on how things work in Tel-Aviv, I would like to share with you a list of a few of Tel-Aviv’s gems, and my personal favorites. In this post I will focus on cafes located in the city center, all with a pretty laid back atmosphere, and each with … More Tel-Aviv’s Gems