City of eternal summer

It’s summer time, and I’m back home in Tel-Aviv. A lot can be said about this city, but one of its greatest advantages is the Mediterranean weather, which allows outside seating almost year round. No doubt that Tel-Aviv is a city of summer, and as such, it has the coolest, most laid back vibes during this time of year!

I will dedicate this post to a few of my favorite places, which are actually entirely outdoor cafes, most of which are also located on cute lively (central) boulevards.

We like you too:

This little kiosk-Cafe actually has two locations. The first one is on Ben-Tsyion Blvd, which is pretty much in the heart of the city, close to the beautiful Habima Square and to the most Tel-Avivien shopping mall – Dizzengof Center. You can grab a cup of coffee, sit at one of the tables, if they are available (and they probably won’t be ;)), or you can find yourself a nice spot on the grass. Though Tel-Aviv is extremely hot during this time of year, Ben Tsyion Blvd has big ficus trees that offer some shade. The second location is on Ben Gurion Blvd, close to the bustling Dizzengof street, and even more importantly, to the beach.

Both locations are obviously very kids and pet friendly, as they are outdoors. They both have a very laid back atmosphere, and are located in central areas. Coffee is good, and so are the pastries (you should try their white chocolate pecan cookie!) and snacks.


Rothschild Coffee Kiosk:

Rothschild Blvd is probably one of the nicest streets in Tel-Aviv. It is surrounded by big ficus trees, which will protect you from the terrible heat, it is vibrant, has a lot of cafes, restaurants, bars etc, and some street art performance. The boulevard lies between Habima Square, and Neve Tzedek (which is by far the prettiest neighborhood in Tel-Aviv). In the middle of the boulevard you will find the cute little Coffee Kiosk, serving breakfast, sandwiches, salads, pastries and beverages. You can sit at the bar, at one of the tables or on the boulevard’s benches. The atmosphere is good, pet and kid friendly, and you are almost guaranteed to either meet some interesting people or witness something worthwhile while sitting there, as there is always something happening on Rothschild 😉

Coffee kiosk


Cafe Castel:

Located in the Old North of Tel-Aviv, on Ibn Gabirol St, which is one of the most central streets in Tel-Aviv. However, as this cafe lies in northern part of the street, it is slightly more quite and easy going. Cafe Castel offers good breakfasts and coffee, and has a pretty big sitting area. This place is a little more relaxed than the previous ones, but it’s still super friendly and will allow you to soak in the Israeli sun and summer vibes.



More to come next time,



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