Boho flare

Well yes, I’m a bohemian at heart. I’m a dancer, which I guess makes me a part of an artistic community, and I’m always drawn to places with laid back atmosphere, places that are nice and colorful and full of plants, that manage to be cool without trying too hard to do so. And obviously New York has quite a few places with a boho flare. Some are really good 😉

Grounded Coffee House:

This vibrant place is located in the heart of the West Village, one of the coolest places in NYC to begin with. This place is always bustling, and it’s not an easy task to find a table (and people share even the smallest ones). The decor is eclectic with a lot of vintage furniture and paintings, a nice library, numerous hanging plants, and a lot of good options for snacks (and pies), some of which are also vegan friendly. (My favorites are their chocolate cheap peanut butter chunk and lemon poppy seed cookies, or their tofu wrap, if you’re into actual food). The coffee is good and strong, slightly on the bitter side. Although the place is always crowded, the service is friendly, and so are the people who come to sit there with their friends, colleagues, or are just grabbing a cup of coffee. It is also a laptop friendly spot, and I found myself very creative while trying to work there. Note that as this place is super popular, there’s a sign hanging at the side of the bar asking you kindly not to sit in the cafe for too long, so that other costumers will be able to enjoy the place too.


Spreadhouse Cafe:

Possibly one of the most beautiful coffee shops I’ve ever seen. This Lower East Side located spacious cafe has the coolest vibes ever. It’s a big charming space, very sleek looking, with a lot of seating options, numerous rugs, wooden floors and walls, tropical wall paper and then some. I find that this is the perfect place to chill, work and grab a cup of matcha or coffee. And of course snacks are also served.

Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen:

This Bed-Stuy cafe is definitely one of the loveliest places in Brooklyn. The space is separated to a front room and a back room. The front room is where you order your coffee/food. It offers a few seating options, including a communal table, and a cozy laid back corner. They also sell different items, such as mugs, paper products and more. The decor is boho and chic, with string lights, plants, and some cool tiles. The back room is actually a plant store, but also offers seats around a big communal table. Stonefruit cafe is very vegan friendly and has some delicious interesting bowls, as well as a great selection of sweets. Two downsides to this place are the fact that due to its popularity, it is often packed, and the fact that their coffee isn’t that good (pretty acidic), so you might want to try one of their special drinks instead.

fruitsone [Via @stonefruit espresso]

Good vibes only 😉


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