Israeli In New York

Although I was raised in the states and I might feel at home in New York, I can’t deny my Israeli roots. These roots also mean that other people assume I might be homesick, and tend to suggest we go visit Israeli restaurants. Basically this has led me to try quite a few Israeli places, and also might make me more qualified than some to comment on them (or not) 😉

12 Chairs:

This is probably one of the more authentic and genuinely Israeli places (in comparison to “Mediterranean”) in New York. With two location, one in Soho and one in Williamsburg, I would probably try this place first. Serving breakfast, lunch and diner, and combining Israeli with Eastern European (Jewish “Ashkenazi” food), this place offers a variety of plates and different tastes. Their Williamsburg location is the bigger and nicer one, interior decor wise. They also have great coffee and very friendly service.

Cafe Mogador:

This Cafe/Restaurant/Bar is a little bit more “high end” than 12 chairs. It has two locations as well, one in Williamsburg and one in the East Village. Yet again I would have to say that the Brooklyn location is the nicer one, greener, decorated more uniquely and more Mediterranean looking. This place offers quite a few special dishes (like their calamari, for instance), very good small plates, and a lot of Moroccan themed food. Though not Israeli, per se,  the food is good, the atmosphere is nice, and though at times it can be packed and you have to wait to be seated, it’s a great place for a hang out.


Located in Williamsburg, this place is the perfect sport to get breakfast or brunch. With a great selection of authentic Israeli breakfasts, great coffee, and the fluffiest pancake (which is not Israeli at all, but nevertheless delicious) ever, this super cute, crisply designed place, is definitely a must. If you choose to go there for breakfast or brunch during the weekend, I would probably order a table (otherwise there’s a wait). Now that the summer is here, you can also sit outside and bathe in the sun.



Located in the vibrant heart of the East Village, this restaurant is great for a hangout. I would recommend their small plates (mezze) and my all time favorite Israeli food -Shakshuka. Besides having great food, it’s also a beautiful place, and has a chic yet cool vibe to it with a leafy wallpaper, and Mediterranean touch. Though they serve brunch, I would probably go for lunch / dinner, and if you are a group of people, sharing is fun, and might give you a good idea of a variety of Israel’s special flavors.


This Brooklyn based cafe/restaurant open about a year ago, and is located on the border of Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy. It’s a small cute place, with great food which has a Mediterranean, sometime Israeli, touch. The dishes are surprising, special and full of flavor. The decor is Modern, clean and very Istagramable. The only downside to this place is that it doesn’t offer many seating options. However, if you happen to be in that area, I would definitely recommend to give it a try.


Till next time,


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