Purple bliss

Today’s post was supposed to be about a totally different topic (Israeli food!), but ever since I’ve learned of Ube Lattes, I’ve been obsessing about them, and I just felt the urge to share this revelation with you.

Are you tired of Matcha Latte? Golden (Turmeric) Latte? How about Charcoal Latte? Have you ever been disappointed by how bleak the color of Lavender Lattes is? I sure know I am (well, maybe I’m not over charcoal latte just yet). If you feel the same way, the good news is that apparently there’s a new trend in town. The new delight is the Ube, or purple yam (yummy), Latte. This drink, originally a Philippines dessert, is like magic, it’s sweet and has a deep purple color to it. I found it extremely weird to imagine someone could make it out of a sweet potato, but turns out that’s exactly what it’s made of.

To the best of my knowledge, the only place in New York that serves Ube Latte is the chic and trendy Saltwater Coffee, which I’ve already told you about in my post about Australian coffee shops. This is a must have drink, and Saltwater Coffee is definitely one of my favorite places in New York. So go try it, you won’t regret it!


[Via @The Hollyday]

Have you heard about another place that serves Ube Latte? Let me know!



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