As a dancer in the big city, my life can be super hectic. I’m dancing for long consecutive hours, at times I’m rushing from studio to studio across town, and though my body is very much in need for a nutritious meal, often I just don’t have the time to sit down and eat. Early on I discovered that one of the best solutions for this problem is getting a smoothie. Smoothies are great for a boost of energy, sugar and are relatively healthy (of course depending on what you are getting).

As many of my classes (dance, yoga, Pilates etc) are in vicinity to Union Square, my go to place for a smoothie became the Liquiteria. With several locations in the area (4th Ave, 2nd AveE17th St…) The Liquiteria is a perfect choice for a delicious smoothie, or a smoothie/acai bowl. They also have vegan options, and other small snacks available.

My personal favorites are their Blue Velvet and Bulldozer. I’ve also tried several bowls, and would recommend their Peanut Butter Acai, though there are some more interesting options (I prefer simplicity when it comes to my acai ;)).

Though their products are great and the smoothies are totally yummy, there are two downsides to this place. The first one is that it is not the cheapest, I usually end up paying around 9$. The other problem is that though the decor of their different locations is cute and inviting, they are not really a place for a hang out. It’s often too noisy inside,  and somehow I’m always too cold, plus, the service is not always very efficient or kind. With that being said, now that summer is basically here, it’s probably a good idea to grab a great drink and go for a stroll, or sit in Union Square 🙂


Have fun!


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