Boho flare

Well yes, I’m a bohemian at heart. I’m a dancer, which I guess makes me a part of an artistic community, and I’m always drawn to places with laid back atmosphere, places that are nice and colorful and full of plants, that manage to be cool without trying too hard to do so. And obviously … More Boho flare

Purple bliss

Today’s post was supposed to be about a totally different topic (Israeli food!), but ever since I’ve learned of Ube Lattes, I’ve been obsessing about them, and I just felt the urge to share this revelation with you. Are you tired of Matcha Latte? Golden (Turmeric) Latte? How about Charcoal Latte? Have you ever been … More Purple bliss


As a dancer in the big city, my life can be super hectic. I’m dancing for long consecutive hours, at times I’m rushing from studio to studio across town, and though my body is very much in need for a nutritious meal, often I just don’t have the time to sit down and eat. Early … More Smoothest