Flowers and coffee

A very trendy way to decorate houses, as well as coffee shops, nowadays is with hanging plants. Personally, I adore this trend, and seeing some greenery on the wall can definitely convince me to try a place out. However, an even cooler trend is the combination of flower shops that are coffee shops as well. Places who’s specialty is actually plants, but which also serve coffee and pastries.

When thinking about floral coffee shops, three places come to mind:


Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this tres chick store has all sorts of special items, having to do with home design, paper, jewelry and more. The place has a very clean and crisp look to it, decorated with tons of plants, all for sale, of course. When you stop by, grab a coffee with a muffin, a croissant or a donut, and don’t forget to have a seat (or take a picture) at the coziest spot in NY.


[via @Spotted SF]


This greenery / cafe is located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. This cosy, intimate, and extremely floral place is an immediate charmer. I discovered this place on instagram, and decided I must check it out. From the moment I stepped into the shop, I fell in love with it. The plants combined with the wallpaper, the small tables, and the super friendly service just won me over. I always order their Lavender Latte (which basically tastes like a latte with a twist, and isn’t blue). You can also order a pastry to go with your coffee (I love their vegan strawberry muffin).


Remi Flower and Coffee:

Located in Midtown Manhattan, this beautiful flower shop is the perfect place to stop for a cup of coffee (or matcha), with a little something on the side. I tend to try and avoid going into Midtown if I can, it always feels really crowded, and most places seem to lack personality. But this place, with its lovely brick wall decor and plants and flowers, just won me over. If you happen to be in the area, it’s probably one of the nicest places around!

Enjoy spring 🙂

Till next time,


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