Besides being a coffee lover, I’m also obsessed with chocolate chip cookies. My guess would be that this obsession of mine started when I moved back from the state, where I could easily get moist and chewy cookies, to Israel, where no such cookies were available. In Israel all we had were industrial dry ones, no bakeries or coffee shops (which weren’t very popular when I was growing up) sold them, and I kept missing the American cookies.

This deprivation apparently left its mark, as I keep looking for perfect chocolate chip cookie wherever I go. Lucky for me, NYC has quite a few good options. Although I’ve had many good cookies since arriving to New York, I’m going to introduce you to my absolute top picks.

Levain Bakery

If you haven’t visited this place you absolutely must! Levain Bakery has been based in the Upper West Side for years, but still seems to be a sensation, and has opened a second (bigger) store in the Upper West Side in the past year. Both locations have people standing in line to get their cookies. The original location is a small space, slightly bellow street level, and while passing by you will notice people standing in the street, waiting to get their goods. This was true even during winter, when temperatures were in the low 20s!

Levain offers not only classic chocolate chip cookies, but also oatmeal raisin cookies, dark chocolate peanut butter cookies, and the, though delicious(!) – impossible to finish, cookies – dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie. The cookies cost 4$ per piece, which might seem a little pricey, but they are huge, and super soft and moist. They are definitely the best I have ever had!


Levain_Bakery_Cookie_Review_by_Noemie_Pantry_1000x[via @Noemie’s Pantry]

The Good Batch

This adorable and colorful bakery / coffee shop is located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Not only do they have quite a few chocolate chip cookie options, they serve all sorts of other cookies too. Some of their best picks are white chocolate chip cranberry cookies, peanut butter chunk chocolate chip cookies ( these are actually vegan(!), but just as good, if not better than the classics), and also ginger molasses and brown butter salty cookies. This place is good for both take away and sitting (though not many seating options), as the space is super cute and the staff is very friendly.

The_Good_Batch_Signature_Cookie_Sampler_2-900x600[Via @The Good Batch]


So now you can go get some cookies 🙂

~ Lir

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