I’ve been dying to visit “Bakeri” a long time before I was actually living in NYC. As I might have mentioned before, I’m quite an interior design lover, and I can spend hours on Pinterest, looking at home decor. At some point I saw this picture of an amazing floral wallpaper, and when I followed the link I found out it was actually a coffee shop in New York. Later on I would find out that Bakeri has two locations, both in Brooklyn, but even before I knew where exactly they were located I just knew I had to visit this place.

When a good friend of mine was visiting me in New York (and I was still living in Midtown Manhattan) I told her we are going to checkout Bakeri’s Williamsburg location, and so we did. This location is a little smaller, and doesn’t have that to die for wallpaper, but is still super cool, aesthetic and has an intimate and cosy vibe to it. The other location is the Greenpoint one, with a big communal table, more space and seating options, and of course flowers on the wall. Although the Greenpoint location is more spacious, I somehow prefer the one in Williamsburg, maybe because it feels more homey to me. That’s not to say that the Greenpoint location isn’t a great place to visit.

Besides the great decor, both locations offer a variety of pastries and savory treats that is just amazing. Originally the baked goods and bread are Scandinavian style, but Bakeri also uses local products and makes some adaptations that make their products more suitable for the American taste. Besides being tasty, the food is also very pretty (sometimes floral). I think everything I’ve tried was delicious, satrting with a coffee cake, berries pie, financiers and more. They also sell some great loaves of bread! Food is served in the most adorable vintage plates.

The downside of this place is that their coffee itself isn’t very good. However, their treats are so good and special, that as far as I’m consered, it’s definitely worth while.


Hope you enjoy,

~ Lir

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