Flowers and coffee

A very trendy way to decorate houses, as well as coffee shops, nowadays is with hanging plants. Personally, I adore this trend, and seeing some greenery on the wall can definitely convince me to try a place out. However, an even cooler trend is the combination of flower shops that are coffee shops as well. … More Flowers and coffee


Besides being a coffee lover, I’m also obsessed with chocolate chip cookies. My guess would be that this obsession of mine started when I moved back from the state, where I could easily get moist and chewy cookies, to Israel, where no such cookies were available. In Israel all we had were industrial dry ones, … More Cookiez


I’ve been dying to visit “Bakeri” a long time before I was actually living in NYC. As I might have mentioned before, I’m quite an interior design lover, and I can spend hours on Pinterest, looking at home decor. At some point I saw this picture of an amazing floral wallpaper, and when I followed … More Bakeri