But first books

One of my favorite pass time activities is reading. I think that ever since I’ve learned how to read there’s always been a book on my bedside table. This also makes book stores one of my favorite places. I can spend hours browsing through the shelves, wandering around, looking at names of books and authors, taking in their descriptions and from time to time buying one or two (or three).

This, combined with my love for cafés, makes me especially prone to liking book shops that serve coffee. Of course this is not a new concept, and by now pretty much every book store chain collaborates with a coffee chain, and has a “café”, but it’s rare to have a good book shop with a good coffee shop.

And then, one day, during a Soho stroll, I stumbled upon McNally Jackson, and was so excited, since I felt like I had finally found the perfect place. It has a great selection of books (fiction is mainly organized by continent and then by country), but yet an intimate feel to it (it is an independent book store, after all!), a lovely decor, and of course the small café, that serves sweets (by Ovenly, Blathazar and more), snacks and decent coffee.

I really find this place inspiring, I love sitting and writing there, and pretty much every time I’m in Soho I walk in to buy a book, get a vegan cookie, or just browse 😉 And apparently they now have a new location in Williamsburg, which I haven’t checked out just yet, but it’s definitely on my short list.


~ Lir

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