Urban Vintage

Among other things, I’m obsessed with decor, and this obsession of mine also effects my preferences when it comes to coffee shops. Of course an appealing appearance isn’t enough to make me like a place, but when I choose where to sit, it’s definitely a factor. I’m a pretty versatile person when it comes to style in general, and also when it comes to interiors, but I have a soft spot for boho, eclectic and vintage decors. So having said all of that, when I first entered Urban Vintage, I was thrilled.

Urban Vintage is a cosy, neighborly, eclectic with boho flare cafe located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. The relatively large space is furnished with beautiful vintage chairs, tables, sofas and what not. I find it has an easy going atmosphere, and a nice balance between being rather full and lively without being too packed or crowded.

Urban Vintage became one of my favorite working spots, as it is laptop friendly, quiet enough, and I find it inspiring. I’ve seen quite a few people who seem to share my opinion. Often I see job meetings or interviews being held there, as well as fellow laptopers working around me. The crowd is mostly young, artsy, and ocassionally the place even offers star sighting 😉

So after talking a lot about the vibe, I think I should probably talk about the food and drinks as well. I will start by saying that unfortunatley their coffee isn’t one of their best features. I can drink it, but  as it’s not great, sometime I skip the coffee and just get some food or pastries. Their breakfasts are good and so are the salads, they are fresh and generous. There’s also an amazing selection of sweets and also more than a few vegan options. Their muffins (and especially the carrot), loaves (the olive oil pumpkin one) and giant cookies are all delicious.


So go give it a try 🙂

Till next time,



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