The Aussie Trend

Australian coffee shops have become extremly trendy in the recent years in NYC. Personally, I like this trend. Though I’ve never visited Australia, it is one of the first destinations on my wishlist, and judging by instagram accounts and blogs from “down under”, they have some amazing cafes there!

The Aussie cafes in NYC are not only trendy, some are also really good! In my last post, American coffee culture, I complained about the sour coffee in the states. I was glad to discover that most Australian places use more bitter and less acidic brews.

So here’s a list of my favorite Aussie places and some tips:

Bluestone Lane:

Unlike most of the Aussie place in New York (and accordingly in this post), this cafe is actually a chain, with quite a few locations. Some of which have full service and offer food too, and some are coffee stations with a selection of lighter snacks and pastries.

My favorite location is their Collective Cafe in the west village. This place has quite a few seating options – you can enjoy sitting outside on a sunny day, or inside on the bar, at a regular table, or in the cosier nook at the back of the cafe. This place has easy, slightly bohemian good vibes, very much in line with its location. Its decor is clean, and honors the name with mainly shades of blue (and turquoise), for both the exterior, interior and tableware.

The Coffee is real good (decorated with cute leaves) and is served with what seems to be cocoa powder on top. I’ve tried quite a few of their dishes, and I was always happy with what I got, but my favorite dish would have to be their banana bread (which you won’t even be able to tell is actually gluten free). Like every Aussie (or New Yorker) cafe they serve avocado smash, and a selection of both savory and sweet bowls.


Two Hands:

Located in Little Italy, this is probably one of the coolest cafes in New York. You can tell by the string lights and plants hanging from the ceiling, the brick walls decorated with pop art, the sleek bar (I swear even the lamps are perfect), and of course by the line outside at almost every given time.

Although at times its a little crowded, you should definitely go visit Two Hands. They serve good coffee, smoothies, savory and sweet bowls and then some more. But honestly,  all I can do whenever I visit this place is stare at the space and try to get the perfect capture to upload to my instagram account.


Saltwater Coffee:

This is a proper New York coffee shop, located in the east village. The space is pretty small, all white, clean looking and chic. Bare in mind that there aren’t many food options, and not a lot of seats, but I still strongly recommend to give it a visit, as this small and cute cafe offers a cachrcoil – vanilla or massala – latte, which is probably one of the best drinks I’ve ever had! I must admit I’ve never tried there actual coffee, as their lattes are SO good! And the staff is always really friendly.


Sweatshop Coffee:

Unlike all the other Aussie places on this list, Sweatshop has a little more undergroung feel to it, with a little bit darker interiors. But like the other Australian places, the decor is minimalistic and cool. The cafe is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (close to both the L and the G trains), and offers a few seating options, including outdoor tables when the weather allows, and a communal table, which make the place laptop friendly as well. Two things I like about this place are they black and white spotted dishes (generaly speaking all tableware are monochrome), and their acai bowls. My only problem with this place is that their coffee is super acidic, to the point I couldn’t drink it at all.

Seven Point Espresso:

Featuring a big space with clean decor and a boho touch, this Prospect Heights, Brooklyn cafe, is with no doubt the best cafe in miles. During week days you can usually find a seat, but during weekends the place is packed and most likely you will be waiting for a table (which also explains the weekends’ no laptop policy). Their coffee is truly delicious, and so are their acai bowls and waffles. One more thing to try is their take on avocado smash, which is blueberries (or rather blueberry jam) on top.

Five Leaves:

Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this place has a hipster slighly more ragged (not in a bad way) vibe. Unlike the previous spots, Five Leaves is a bistro, and not a cafe, opened till late night and serves food and alcohol. However, I find it a perfect spot for Breakfast and brunch with perfect pancakes and a great mushroom toast. The trendy bistro can get crowded at times, and you might have to wait in order to be seated. Another downside to this place is the slightly acidic, burnt tasting coffee.


~ Lir



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