American in Scotland

Sting has this song about being an Englishmen in New-York. I remember not really getting it. I mean, sure, different accent and a different place, but the states and the UK are both English speaking countries, how different can they possibly be? But then I actually moved to the UK. The first time I realized … More American in Scotland

Christmas Lights

Normally I am not the kind of person to go to a mainstream festive event, but I am such a sucker for Christmas lights that when ads for the Edinburgh’s Botanic Christmas event started popping up on my feed, I knew I had to go. Christmas at the Botanic ran from November 22nd, and will … More Christmas Lights

Best specialty coffee with vegan options – Edinburgh

As I travel quite a lot, and am always in a search of new exiting cafes, and as I am vegan, I started to realize that while it’s rather easy to find recommendations of artisan coffee, as well as recommendations of good vegan restaurants, however, it seems quite hard to find good cafes with vegan … More Best specialty coffee with vegan options – Edinburgh